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Nieuwpoort to Den Helder (including North Sea Passage Planning sheet)

Atlas for the Dutch Coast from Nieuwpoort to Den Helder with free all Dutch Imray maps digitally.
These maps are also available digitally.Each map set includes a voucher to download ID 10 on Imray's app.
No shipping costs
The sets come bound in a handy plastic sleeve with the very latest data from the Netherlands Hydrographic Service.
All relevant data are medium and large scale combined with famous port plans from Imray and essential tidal information.
All data have been edited by Imray's expert cartographers to provide a unique and first choice product for sailing the Dutch coastal waters,
The 2000 series atlases are a logical extension to Imray's familiar and well-known folded C-charts.
Latest corrections :

Part of Imray's popular small format chart coverage for the Netherlands, this atlas is a convenient A2 format, wirobound along one edge.
It includes a voucher code to download ID10 Imray North Sea charts into Imray Navigator (our app for iPad, iPhone and Android).

It covers the North Sea coast from the Belgian-French border, through the Zeeland, South Holland and North Holland coasts up to and including Den Helder.
It includes all of the navigational charts and tidal data required for coastal passage and approach. Also included is a larger-format passage planning sheet for plotting routes across the North Sea.

1. North Sea Coast - Nieuwpoort to Hoek Van Holland (1:300 000)
2. North Sea Coast - Hoek van Holland to Texel (1:300 000)
3. Approaches to Nieuwpoort and Ostend (1:100 000) includes plans Nieuwpoort (1:30 000) and Ostend (1:20 000)
4. Oostende to Westkapelle (1:100 000) includes plans Blankenberge (1:15 000) and Zeebrugge (1:35 000)
5. Entrance to the Westerschelde (1:50 000) includes the plans Breskens (1:15 000), Vlissingen (1:20 000) and Cadzand-Bad (1:10 000).
6. Westkapelle to Westhoofd (1:100 000) includes plan Roompotsluis (1:30 000)
7. West Schouwen to Hoek van Holland (1:100 000) includes plan Stellendam (1:30 000)
8. Hoek van Holland to IJmuiden (1:125 000) includes plans Scheveningen (1:15 000) and IJmuiden (1:35 000)
9. IJmuiden to Den Helder (1:125 000)
10. Approaches to Den Helder (1:50 000) includes plan Den Helder (1:20 000)
11. Southern North Sea passage planning chart (1:500 000)
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