Imray G11 - N­sos K?rkira to N­sos Levkas

Waterproof Karte mit Kunststoff-Abdeckung
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N­sos K?rkira to N­sos Levkas

Plans included:

  • Continuation of North Ionian Islands to Nis­s Othon­
  • V½rion Sten½ K?rkiras
  • …rmos Gouv­on (N­sos K?rkira)
  • K?rkira (Corfu Town) (N­sos K?rkira)
  • …rmos P˙rga
  • Continuation of Amvrakik½s K½lpos
  • Lim­n Al­pa (N­sos K?rkira)
  • …rmos L˙kka (N­sos Paxo­)
  • Port Gaios (N­sos Paxo­)

    The chart has been fully updated and modernised throughout. It includes the latest harbour developments at K?rkira (Corfu).
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    Always the most up-to-date edition available in our store due to the Imray exchange system.

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